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[Black Friday Sale!] - Floaxy (VRchat Avatar)

Features include:

- Quest version with fallback compatibil variant.

- Furality Legendes textures - Buff versions

- Bat Version of the Floaxy

- Pre-packaged Unity package with scene's set up and ready for upload.

- All source files. (Blender and Substance Painter)

- Blendshapes to tweak body shape.

- Tail, Hair, fluff, tongue and ears with dynamic capable bones.

- Full body tracking ready.

- Expressive facial Visems.

- Multiple expressions.

- Free Future updates. (Including more hornstyles, more hairstyles, tail variation, More textures , More blendshapes)

In case you have questions:
Link to Public Floaxy discord server for personals tech help and announcements.https://discord.gg/NjBE8h4

Patch notes: 
Buff Floaxy with textures added

One for bat, one for the regular:

Patch notes: 
Bat Floaxy - Spooktober Update added!

Patch notes 1.14a - Quest versions added

Fallback compatible / Medium performance.


- Can I get a refund?
Not satisfied? You will get money back, no questions asked. 
Please note that this will be done via Gumroads own refund system which handles the process.
I also offer support on issue's you may have with uploading the avatar via my discord server.

- I want to commission an artist for an original texture but they do not own the avatar, do they need to buy it?
No. A commissioned artist is allowed to receive the substance painter file for free. If Please let them contact me via Discord if they wish to have it, 
The artist does not need to buy the avatar as long as they don't use it for personal use.

- Am I allowed to have a public version of this avatar?
Absolutely, yes


Upon purchase of the Floaxy Avatar you are free to do whatever you want with the model, 

The following is not allowed:

1. Claiming the work as your own is strictly prohibited.

2. Re-selling or sharing the model is strictly prohibited.

3. I am NOT responsible for any administrative actions taken against you for misuse of the model, or if you break VRChat's TOS.

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  • Unitypackage
  • Blender file
  • Substance painter files
  • Photoshop file
  • Big Rawr Energy


[Black Friday Sale!] - Floaxy (VRchat Avatar)

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